Birding Hong Kong (Day Two)

We contacted Matthew Kwan months out from our cruise.   We found Matt through his blog site, “As the Crow Flies” and he graciously agreed to show us around the New Territories in search of birds.   Matthew was amazing at setting up an itinerary for the day and his kindness and generosity was second to none.

We took the Cruise Terminal bus to Kowloon Station (which was less than $10 HKD per person) where we dropped off our luggage for our evening flight.  Note that the very efficient cruise terminal transport is different from the Celebrity Transfer.  At least half the price and it is a continuously run shuttle.   We had a large bus all to ourselves!  as most people grabbed cabs and/or the Celebrity Transfer.

We had to purchase train tickets from Kowloon Station to the Airport in order to use the luggage transfer service, but it was well worth it.  As Matt was going to pick up his sister from the airport, he offered to drop off us at the end of the tour.  We now have train tickets as souvenir for our travel room 😉  After dropping off our luggage at the very efficient Kowloon Station, Matt met us ~ 09:00 am and then the fun began!   Matt is a super birder and a wealth of information on the history of the Hong Kong and the New Territories.  He drove us all over the place in search of birds in varying landscapes from country parks to fish ponds.

We are ever so thankful for the time spent with him.  Such a lovely, generous, gentleman.

Although I will write more about our birding adventure on our sister site ( – I did want to mention our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Matt and the amazing day we spent with him.  

Here are a few photos from a most memorable day: