The travels of H & A of Casa Baskey

Welcome to our personal H&A (Heather & Anthony) Baskey travelogues!
a collection of journal entries (Blog) penned by “H” to document the adventures of H&A via stories, photos, and the occasional videos of the adventures experienced from around the world.  

The main purpose was for a digital collection of memories, but if you find your way here, you will find details of our individual trips around the world.  We hope you enjoy these stories and maybe they will inspire you to plan an adventure soon, or bring back memories of an adventure from days gone past.

In addition to our travelogues (Blog), you can view our entire photo collection from multiple trips (“photo galleries”).  As well, you can view all of our travel “videos” that we have posted on YouTube.

Finally, throughout our memoirs, you might see a cute stuffed toy appear from time to time.  His name is “Bobby Baskey” and he is our version of a “travelling gnome” that started travelling with us since October 2016.  Occasionally, he has brought a friend (or two) along in his travels (Ricky and Rico, for example).

Bobby Baskey in St Martin
Enjoy!   safe & fun travels for all …