Celebrity Summit

Celebrity Summit:  Photo Gallery

The Celebrity Summit is one of four of the M-Class ships in the Celebrity fleet.   Her sisters are the Millennium, the Infinity, and the Constellation.   We have previously sailed on both the Millennium and the Constellation – therefore, we were very familiar with the layout of this ship.

We had booked a “Suite Guarantee” for this cruise, as it didn’t matter what kind of suite we were assigned.   With the suite perks of Luminae and the Michael’s lounge – any room was a good room for this repositioning (no perks) cruise.

As anticipated, we were assigned the lowest of categories in the suite class – an accessible sky suite (SS2).   It so happens that we were assigned Cabin #8125 which was the exact same cabin we had for our Asian Immersion cruise on board the Millennium.  The funny thing is, it made us feel that we never left the ship!  I have to say though that the room was in much better shape/condition on the Summit vs. the Millennium.  It was much more clean – possibly due to the unexpected emergency dry dock (asipod propulsion issues) a couple of weeks prior to our cruise.

Sky Suite 2 (accessible cabin) is slightly larger than a Sky Suite 1 (bonus!) and has a very large bathroom – however has a roll-in shower vs. a shower/bathtub combination.   As it would only be on a rare occasion that I would use a bathtub on a cruise ship, the extra large bathroom and shower is always welcome.  On certain cruise forums, people have complained Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 8.32.24 PMabout water running out onto the floor from the shower, but we have never experienced this as an issue.
The cabin itself is situated mid-ship, directly
beside the elevators.  One might think you would hear noise being so close to the elevators and mid-ship stair cases; but the room is very quiet and we absolutely enjoy being mid-ship as it gives you a sense of being close to everything!  We absolutely have no issues of being assigned an accessible sky suite from a suite guarantee on the M-Class ships.  They are very spacious and we have enjoyed them both times we have been assigned one.

Luminae:  Special Lunch from Chef Abinash
Dahl & Prata lunch

One of the main perks of travelling suite class for us is dining in Luminae.   As vegetarians, it is sometimes difficult for us to travel – yet, when travelling suite class with Celebrity – the dining challenges are less daunting!   This trip in particular (our 5th suite in a row) proved to the best dining experience of all (and that includes our PH experience last May).  Sous Chef Abinash of Luminae was first class all the way.  Every evening he would come out and greet his guests and ask the diners how they were enjoying their meals.   He was aware that we were vegetarians and had offered to cook us special curry/indian dishes a couple of times.  

Luminae:  Special Dinner from Chef Abinash
Indian Curry Dinner

Sadly!  we didn’t take up his offer earlier in the cruise, but glass half full – we *did* take him up on his offer later in the week and “wow oh wow oh wow”!!!   we were treated to three spectacular meals (2 lunches and one dinner).   The meals were absolutely amazing and I felt sooooooo spoiled!    Never again will I hesitate to take up the Chef’s offer of cooking us special vegetarian meals.    Aside from our special dining, our waiter Gustavo was very caring and attentive to our dietary lifestyle.  He never missed a beat to provide us options (even via the MDR) to ensure we had a pleasant dining experience.  We absolutely appreciated his attentiveness and genuine concern.