Sea Days – Pacific Coast

Sea Day #1 – October 15, 2019
Our first sea day of the 7 day cruise after an amazing day in Victoria.  I was quite honoured to be able to deliver a pro-bono lecture to guests of the Cruise Critic Roll Call in the Sky Conference room of the Celebrity Eclipse (pre-arranged with Celebrity on shore). It was my first-time ever delivering a lecture to a group of people and it was definitely outside of my comfort zone, but that’s where you grow!   

It was a great experience sharing my passion of Marine Mammals with my fellow cruisers and even better was the after effects with some of the guests reporting to me afterwards that they “saw a spout, a whale”, or recounting a new fact that they had learned.
A very special thank you to my fellow cruise critic roll call guests who supported me by attending this lecture.dolphin

I want to thank Heather for giving this informative lecture on Marine Mammals of the Salish Sea.  It really added to our whale watching experience.  It helped us relive the experience on the whale watching tour.
Her love of these magnificent creatures and their environment really shown through.  Since you are reading her blog, you know how well she documents and brings life to her subjects.
~ Nanachar

“Thank you for your sea life presentation you gave on board the Celebrity Eclipse in October 2019. 
Your presentation with handouts was very well organized, given the limited time involved. The amount of information associated with the different marine life you informed us of and their habitat was enlightening to say the least.
Thank you again for your hard work with the presentation and Cruise Critic members. I hope to sail with you again.”
~ Bob & Sharon Kuwada

We learned about the marine mammals in the Area we visited, thank you for teaching us.”  
~ L & G

We enjoyed your talk on marine animals immensely.
We spent most of the rest of the cruise looking for Whales and were lucky in seeing a young whale in Santa Barbara harbour and whilst on deck after leaving San Francisco I saw a whale breach right in front of me that took my breath away as this was a dream come true for me.
The one thing I will remember was the information  about the Matriarchal society and how taking a generation of Orcas for zoos and parks has disrupted the whales in the wild, it made me feel very sad and ashamed to be human.
thank you so much”

Wendy Harriss (reading kindness rocks)

  • Note for Wendy & everyone.  It is true that taking a generation of whales away from the now Critically Endangered Southern Residents of the Salish Sea was a disruption.  Sadly, humans didn’t know much about the Orcas back in the 1970s, their population status, and their tight family bonds.   We need to reflect on how we feel today, to bring them a voice and share what we know now – in the present – so we can secure their future.
    Additionally, I am a strong support of 
    Ric OBarry’s Dolphin Project (the original trainer of Flipper).   What can you do today to help cetaceans worldwide?  take the pledge to not buy a ticket to a Dolphin Show or Swim with Dolphins (Captive) program.Shadowline_1