Santiago, Chile

deblasis2De Blasis Bed & Breakfast
General Flores 159, Providencia; Santiago, Chile

When searching for a place to stay for one night in Santiago, post-cruise, there were several options for the large metropolitan city of Chile.   We narrowed it down to a few places, but ultimately chose De Blasis B&B due to its outstanding reviews by other travellers.

This B&B is indeed a hidden gem of the bustling metropolis of Santiago. Tucked away on a quiet street in Providencia, you are immediately taken away by its charm.  The entire property is gated and you must be buzzed in and buzzed out, which seemed to be the norm for all the properties in the neighbourhood.  This shouldn’t startle the traveller, as it is a safe neighbourhood in which to stay overnight – just consider it pre-cautionary 😉

deblasis3We were greeted with a lovely hello and smiles from our evening receptionist and she quickly checked us in and then escorted us to our lovely ground floor room (B2) which offered a private bathroom (note – not all rooms have a private bath – some room share).   The entire property is very well taken care of and is charming throughout.   There is a main sitting room with a good-sized couch, large-screen TV, and a good selection of Chilean travel guides for you to explore.   The main breakfast area offers a large kitchen table with coffee & tea facilities available at all times.   Breakfast is served at 07:30 am each morning.   There is also a small work station that offers two laptops for guests and if boarding passes are required, they can be emailed to reception who will then print them off for you.   In addition, De Blasis offers a locker storage service.  No fee for short term use and a small fee for longer (e.g., days) term use.

deblasis1We arrived at our quaint room and were quite pleased.   It was simple and satisfying!  The air-conditioning unit was turned on upon arrival to ease the heat/humidity of Santiago and the room itself is simple with a television, clean linens, towels, and toiletries.   For a B&B, it was simple, well-equipped, and delightful.  Just outside of the B1-B4 rooms were a couple of lovely small tables with chairs to enjoy a quiet drink and check emails.  We loved it!  And immediately said to each other, we wish we had more time to spend here!  

After settling in, the receptionist kindly guided us on how easy it was to reach the main street (less than 5 minute walk) which offered several restaurants and cafes.   She also arranged for us to have a take-away bag for the morning, since our guide was picking us up at 06:00 am, which was pre-breakfast room hours.   Our morning breakfast take-away consisted of a sandwich, a yogurt, and a piece of fruit.  It was perfect.

Prior to leaving for our day trip, we stored our luggage in the secure locker area and then completed our check out, with payment for the private airport taxi they had arranged for us.   When we returned, we were greeted by another staff member, who attended us to the luggage area to retrieve our bags and she offered us the kitchen room again to make ourselves a coffee or tea, while we waited for our airport taxi.

We would most definitely stay at this charming, delightful bed & breakfast again; and highly recommend it to other travellers who would enjoy a quiet, no-frills, quaint stay within a quiet neighbourhood.


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