The Millennium

The Celebrity Millennium is the flagship of the “M”-Class ships.  There are four in this class, the Millennium and her sisters – the Infinity, Summit, and Constellation.  As we have sailed twice before on the Constellation, it felt as if we were home again – as all ships within the same class sport relatively the same layout (with a few minor differences).

We had purchased a Suite Guarantee for this cruise and we were assigned Suite 8125 – a SS2 category, mid-ship, on deck 8 by the elevators.   As mentioned in our embarkation post, we were initially concerned with the location near the elevators, but it was a complete non-event.  This cabin was very quiet and we enjoyed the central location.

Here are a few photos from our cabin:

This Sky Suite did not have a sofa – instead it had a round table with 2 chairs

Good size bathroom – note this Sky Suite does not have a tub – shower only

The Millennium was well kept having been solsticized in 2012; however, she was definitely showing her age.   She lacked the lustre of her younger sister, the Constellation.  Despite her age, we still enjoy (and prefer) the quaint feel of the M-Class fleet as compared to the larger Solstice (S-Class) ships.   They are easy to navigate and the smaller size (with fewer passengers than the S-Class) is more to our liking.

Senior Staff List (“in the spotlight”) during our Sailing:
Master of the Vessel:  Captain Georgios Iatrou      Staff Captain:  Georgios K. Tsilouchas
Chief Engineer:  Emmanouil Archontakis                 Hotel Director:  Bosco Pires

GRM:  Migle Zukaite                                                       Cruise Director:  Steve Gayda
F&B Director:  Ante Sarlija                                            Executive Chef:  Karl Dufeil

Highlights while on board the “Millie” (Millennium):

January 4th (1st Sea Day):  Cruise Critic (Celebrity Connections) Meet & Greet

Hosted in “Qsine” the Cruise Critic/Celebrity Connections M&G was well attended by Celebrity Senior Officers and members of the Cruise Critic Roll Call.  Light beverages and snacks were provided.  Hotel Director Bosco Pires made it a point to introduce himself to all the CC attendees.  He also asked several of us if we were interested in a Bridge Tour – of course!  we replied 🙂

Venue was Qsine and was well attended by =X= Staff & CC Cruisers
Snack and light beverages provided
Cruise Critic Roll Call

January 5th:  Sail in to Laemchabang, Thailand from the Helipad

We were delighted to find on our door an invitation from the Events Coordinator to sail in to Laemchabang from the Helipad.  Fellow roll call members Gert, Jerry, Klaus, and Jette had also received an invitation.  It was a lovely sail in with calm seas.  The views were stunning and we quite enjoyed this special invitation.  Several photos can be viewed on the Thailand page, however – here are a couple of our favourites:

January 10th (Sea Day):  Bridge Tour

As mentioned in the January 4th post, Hotel Director Bosco Pires had asked a few guests if they were interested in a bridge tour.  He delivered on his verbal invitation with a written one!   We graciously accepted and joined the tour.  We have previously had bridge tours on the Constellation (Sister M-Class ship); but equally enjoyed this bridge tour just as much.  Always a different perspective from each Senior Officer conducting the demonstration.

Room with a View

Master of the Vessel – Captain Georgios Iatrou

Other Special Highlights:

Martini Crush Bar – never thought I would say it would be a highlight as we are not big drinkers!  however, our new friends Gert & Jerry made believers out of us – LOL!  we would meet fellow Suite guests Gert & Jerry every evening at the Crush Bar to have a pre-dinner drink prior to heading off to our dining venue of Luminae.  A couple of evenings we were treated with “Silent Disco” at the Martini (Crush) bar.   We had never participated in anything like this before and it was sooooo much FUN!  many laughs with great friends.

Jerry crushing it at the Martini Bar
Silent Disco at the Martini (Crush) Bar

Luminae Restaurant

Luminae is the main dining venue for Suite guests.  It is quaint, quiet, with fabulous staff and food.  Anthony & I usually dine at a table for two – but we quickly became good friends with Gert & Jerry from Belgium and as noted above – would meet first at the Martini bar and then off to Luminae where we would not only share a table for four, but share many laughs, great moments, and create fabulous memories.

Friendly Staff – service with a smile 🙂
Chocolate Sphere Dessert in Luminae

Michael’s Club (Suite & Zenith Guest Lounge)


Although we’re not one for hanging out in a lounge – we did use Michael’s more often this trip – more so to meet fellow suite guests and have the occasional drink.   We did attend the Michael’s Club Officer Soiree which is a special meet and greet specifically for Michael’s Club guests to formally meet the senior officers in a more private 1:1 setting (vs. the ship’s general officer soiree in the Grand Foyer).    The Soiree was held on one of our Chic Nights – so we were all gussied up for the event 🙂


Anthony, myself, Staff Captain Georgios Tsilouchas, Gert, & Jerry
Hors d’oeuvre & drinks generously served during the soiree

Deck 4 of the M-Class Fleet

Saving the best for last … “Deck 4” of the M-Class fleet.  This is our favourite deck to walk about and take in the sea views.   It is generally very quiet and quite often we will pull up a lounger to sit, relax, maybe read, catch up on emails from home, and just simply – take in the sweeping views.

M-Class Deck 4 – Starboard