Victoria, British Columbia

Monday, October 14, 2019 – Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
My beloved city of Victoria.  I have visited the capital city of British Columbia for over 50 years when my parents first took me here at the age of 5.  It was here that my deep passion for marine mammals was born and the magic never left.  This city has been a source of joy, blessings, education, a bit of heartache thrown in, and then celebrated with a return on our honeymoon back in 1990.   It’s been a while since I’ve been here, which seemed foreign in a sense, as during my formative years of childhood to early adulthood (mid-twenties), I would not only live here but always made it a point to return to visit my enchanted city that I would cast dreams about and live.  Victoria, I have loved you forever and I have missed you.Shadowline_1The Celebrity Eclipse docked early and a fairly large group of us from the cruise critic roll call gathered in Cafe el Bacio to walk to Fisherman’s Wharf to embark on a whale watching tour provided by Eagle Wing tours. It didn’t take long to walk the quiet road from the cruise pier to the wharf, sign in, and embark on the half-covered catamaran which would provide an outstanding morning tour off the coast in search of whales and other marine life.  I was back in my element, on the water, looking for cetaceans – and the trip did not disappoint.Shadowline_1Shadowline_1

Shadowline_1After our tour, we returned to the ship as the day was far from over!  we had a special invitation to sail away from Victoria via the Helipad with a few other guests and then we had a special dinner planned to celebrate our Canadian Thanksgiving with new friends from the Cruise Critic Roll Call.




After the Helipad Sailaway event, we joined a special group of fellow passengers from our Cruise Critic Roll Call to celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday.