Inside Passage (Cruising)

May 11, 2019 [Cruising Inside Passage]
Overcast skies and windy as we were at the north end of Vancouver Island.  Passed by Port Hardy where we spent part of our honeymoon “camping”, almost 29 years ago.
Had a lovely breakfast in Luminae and then explored the Retreat Sundeck, and then off to the Retreat Lounge to relax.

Throughout the day, I also ventured to Deck 11 to join the on board ORCA Network Conservationists to spot wildlife.  I would do this often in the early morning and evenings throughout the cruise.


At 2 PM, we went to the Moses’ Cocktail Party, getting to know new friends from the Cruise Critic Roll Call.

We attended the cocktail party in Penthouse #6147 for a few hours.  The Moses’ family were quite lovely and we had a great time getting to know them and other guests from our roll call forum.  

We also met a lovely couple, “Dave & Louise” from Vancouver, and Cheryl from Toronto; with whom we would spend several early evenings together at the Captain’s Club Elite Happy Hour events.  Dave is a retired pilot and enjoys Jazz, so Anthony & him hit it off immediately.

We went to our suite dining venue, Luminae to enjoy supper, before retiring to our cabin for the evening.Shadowline_1

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